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Revising and Re-Imagining your Picture Book


Eileen Robinson


Harold Underdown

Co-Sponsored by SCBWI Arizona

Six Wednesdays
April 29 - June 3
at 8 pm EDT
(7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT)
Recordings will be available the day after each session.

$180 for SCBWI Arizona Members through 3/31
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All others pay $225.00

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About the Webinar

Picture books are short and simple, written for young children, so they must be easy to write--or so we hear from people who have never attempted one. Picture book writers know that's not true, but their length does make it more practical to revise them, perhaps multiple times, and even to completely re-think or "re-imagine" them, than when working with longer forms.

That's what Underdown and Robinson aim to help writers do in this webinar with their picture book manuscripts, both during the class and for years afterwards. As independent editors, and in-house children's book editors in New York before that, Underdown and Robinson have years of experience in working with writers on picture books. Based on their "Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book" in-person workshop, this Webinar will teach writers techniques to help them find problems with a manuscript, reshape it, and then polish it up before sending it out.

April 29 -- Using Reader Response Theory to Deepen Our Understanding of How Picture Books Work: After some introductory points about the unique challenges of writing picture books, in this session we will look at the two opposing approaches to understanding literature and explore how to use the least familiar of the two, reader response story, to enrich your picture book.
May 6 -- Revising at the Big Picture Level to Get Your Story Working: In this session we will explore ways of seeing your story in a new light--the true meaning of "re-vision." We will try out techniques from the one-line summary to the story grid.

May 13 -- Re-Imagining Character and Setting to Find a Fresh Approach: Sometimes there's nothing much wrong with a story, but it needs a fresh approach. It, or part of it, needs to be re-imagined. In this session we will look into methods to learn more about your main character and how to use different settings to tell a different story.

May 20 -- Re-Imagining POV and Voice to Find a Fresh Approach: In this session we will continue to re-imagine, this time looking at point of view and voice, and find ways to transform how we are approaching them.

May 27 -- Revising at the Word Level to Polish Your Story: In this session, we will present and demonstrate self-editing methods that you can use to clean up your manuscript without hiring a copyeditor.

June 3 -- Discussion, and the State of the Market: In this session we will review the course, answer all remaining questions, and take a look at the current picture book market and how it affects (and doesn't) what you have to do as writers.



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