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SEPTEMBER 27, 2014


Meetings and Events
Schmoozes and Networking Get-Togethers are informal gatherings, some social and some craft focused, where members throughout the state can meet to become socially and professionally acquainted. There is generally no fee for members to attend. Reservations are required. Nonmembers may inquire about attending for a fee.

Symposiums are meetings for discussion of a subject in which the participants form an audience and participate in making informal presentations. 

Colloquia are informal gatherings for topical discussions.

Mini Workshops are hands-on sessions that focus on  specific elements of craft.

Critique-niks* are small group guided sessions for members who want to engage in and learn from peer critiques. There is no fee to attend. Reservations are required. For members only.

Kid-Lit Drink Nights are social gatherings at local establishments.

Picture Book Writers: bring five copies of entire manuscript up to 700 words. Nothing longer, please.
Novel Writers: bring five copies of three pages.
Poets: Bring five copies of one poem.


art by Molly Idle


2014 Events Coming Soon




art by Monica Minto

SCBWI AZ 4th Annual

Creativity Contest

2014 Submission Guidelines

SCBWI Arizona celebrates the creativity of our members with an Illustration Competition for Illustrators and a Writing Competition for Writers.  

Entries will address the 2014 conference theme TBD.

General Information:

1. Member must be an attendee of the "Welcome to Our House" 2014 Annual Conference.

2. Only one entry per member will be accepted.

3.  Entries must reflect the conference theme and relate to the artist’s/ writer’s personal experience of success as it relates to writing and illustrating for children. (Success can be defined in many ways. Finished a manuscript? Submitted your portfolio to an art director? Joined a new critique group?)
4.  By entering the competition you agree that the submitted entry is your own work and you give permission to use the work for promotional purposes by SCBWI-AZ. 

5. Illustration submissions must be mounted on a 12”x15” piece of white Foamcore/Foamboard. 
Name must be printed on the back and must not appear on the front.
6.  Essays must be 500 words or less and fit on a single 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch bright white paper with ½ inch margins all around the page. 
Name must not appear on the essay. Essay title must appear on both the essay and on the entry form.
7.  Entries must be accompanied by a signed entry form.

8. Entries must be postmarked by deadline date TBD. Use U.S. Mail Express or Fed Ex Overnight to ensure prompt delivery.
9.  Winning entries will be announced at the 2014SCBWI AZ Welcome to Our House Conference.

First Place Awards
1. $35 gift certificate good for use toward registration for 2014 SCBWI-AZ conference.

2. Creators and their work will be showcased on the SCBWI-AZ website.

3. Winning work will be used to promote the SCBWI-AZ 2014 conference.

Second Place Awards

1.  $25 gift certificate good for use toward registration for 2014 SCBWI-AZ conference.

2.  Creators will be acknowledged on the SCBWI-AZ website.

art by Monica Minto


For more info and to RSVP

For Writers and Illustrators

More events will be added on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Stay tuned.


art by Julie Gissler