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*Golden Kite Award
*Sid Fleischman
Humor Award
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*Portfolio Award
*Sue Alexander
*Tomie DePaola
*On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Award
*Promising Picture Book Award
*Book Launch Award



+Barbara Karlin Grant

+Don Freeman Memorial Grant-in-Aid   

+Martha Weston Grant 

+Kimberly Colen Grant

+Jane Yolen Mid List Author Grant


Board of Directors

Laurie Halse Anderson
Author ~
Kathleen Ahrens
Author ~
Bonnie Bader
Editor-in-Chief ~
Tracy Barrett
Judy Blume
Author ~
Peter Brown
Author/Illustrator ~
Priscilla Burris
National Illustrator Coordinator
Chriatopher Cheng
Co-RA/Australia/NZ ~
Bruce Coville
Author ~
Pat Cummings
Author/Illustrator ~
Tomie dePaola
Author/Illustrator ~

Matt de la Pena
Author ~

David Diaz
Illustrator ~
Emma Dryden
Freelance Editor ~
James Cross Giblin  
Author/Editor -
Ellen Hopkins
Author ~
Arthur A. Levine
Editor/Author ~
E.B. Lewis
Illustrator ~
Linda Sue Park 
Author ~
Susan Patron
Author ~
Jerry Pinkney
Illustrator ~
Ruta Sepetys
Author ~
Melissa Stewart
Author ~
Lisa Yee
Author ~
Jane Yolen
Author ~
Cecilia Yung
Art Director ~
Cheryl Zach
Author ~
Paul O. Zelinksy
Illustrator ~

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SCBWI National Conferences

43rd Annual Summer Conference 

New Format

August 9-11 2014

Optional Intensives

Los Angeles, CA

Focuses on craft and business aspects of writing and illustrating for the children's, middle grade, and young adult market.

General sessions and workshops for writers and illustrators.

Premium workshops including a Specialized Tracks including sessions for published illustrators and writers.

Individual manuscript & portfolio consultations.

Portfolio showcase.

15th Annual Winter Conference

Feb. 21-23 2014
New York, N. Y.
Hyatt Grand Central

Focuses on the business of writing and illustrating for the children's, middle grade, and young adult marketplace.

Intensives for writers and illustrators;
Art showcase for Illustrators; and more.

For more about SCBWI conferences
 go to www.scbwi.org


The Executive Offices

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is a non-profit international professional guild comprised of writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents, booksellers, and other people who are involved in the world of children's books, magazines, film, television, and multimedia.

SCBWI is an organization where people can exchange information and become educated about their craft and industry. It offers a variety of services to its members, including advice and counsel on professional matters. In addition, SCBWI also speaks as a consolidated global voice for professional writers and illustrators and helps to effect important changes within the field of children's literature on topcis such as copyright legislation, equitable treatment of authors and artists, and fair contract terms.

The organization was co-founded in 1971 by Stephen Mooser, President, and Lin Oliver, Executive Director. It now has over 70 regions worldwide and more than 22,000 members.

Each SCBWI region has a Regional Advisor who is responsible for planning and implementing events and activities for his or her chapter. In addition, a Regional Advisor may also provide a wide variety of services for its members, including a chapter website, listserv, and ongoing opportunities for informal networking and critiquing. All SCBWI chapter events, activities, and services must be approved by the chapter's Regional Advisor and requires his or her direct involvement. For a list of Regional Advisors, go to www.scbwi.org

                              art by Michael Hale

Writing Tips
From the SCBWI Executive Officers

"E. B. White once said.'One should jump into a story the way  one jumps into the ocean. Prepare to splash about and make merry..' If you aren't  joyful, why do it? Writing is a discipline, but it's really important to take time off. Cruise around the world. Enjoy your children! Cook a meal. Be intuitive, so when you do sit down to write, you're not bleeding."

-Lin Oliver, Executive Director of the SCBWI

"There are three simple things you have to do to be a successful writer, read a lot of children's books, write a lot, and rewrite what you do."

-Stephen Mooser, President of the SCBWI